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  • Need A Kitchen Pantry Outlet for Extra Lighting? (VIDEO)

    Check out Ryan Smith, local Atlanta/Alpharetta electrician with Knightly Electrical Services, installing a new kitchen pantry outlet in a pantry to prepare for over cabinet lighting. Ever thought about adding extra lighting for your storage closet or pantry? This Milton/Roswell client contacted us because they're redoing a whole closet. Looks like they are going to have all sorts of cabinets and shelving going into the space. We're adding an outlet to the closet so that they can add new lighting. The outlet will be controlled by a new light switch we'll be putting in. The new lights would turn on and off with the new light switch. This gives the client better closet lighting alongside the one original light in the middle of the ceiling. What are the Steps to Adding the Extra Outlet? First, I take off the switch plate for the original lighting off. Then I check the breaker to make sure that the power is shut off. I go to the circuit board and find that breaker. Next, I remove the original switch and electrical box from the wall outside the closet, so I can have access to the wires inside the wall. Once I remove the switch and box from the wall, I make the original light switch hole a little bit larger, because I will replace it with a double switch – one to control the original light, the other to control the outlet the client will add the additional lighting to. Next, I drill a hole into the wall to run my new wire over to where the new outlet will be installed in the closet. Since the client will be adding finished carpentry shelving in the closet, they are not worried about the amount of cutting in the drywall I will need to do to install the outlet since it will be covered by wooden shelves. Once I have the drywall prepped, I add an outlet horizontally (so that it’s not visible once the cabinets are installed) above where cabinetry will be. Once the lighting is installed and plugged in, it will provide lighting coming out of the top into their cabinets. Next, I switch out the new double switch for the single one outside of the closet to control both the new outlets and the original light fixture. Then I put away all my tools and clean up. I vacuum and mop with to take care of any drywall dust. This installation took about an hour and a half. Lastly, I run through my end of installation checklist. I do this with every client to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do. this allows me to do is allows me to create a consistent and accurate way of making sure that every customer receives the exact same service. When I leave their home, such as making sure no breakers are off, lights are on, and most importantly, just praying. I'm a Christian owned company, so I pray for each one, every one of my customers, and the jobs that I do at the end of each project to make sure that I'm blessing them and their family for years to come. Thinking about adding extra lighting for your storage closet or pantry? Contact us.

  • Safety Tips Are Important When Repairing Smoke Detectors For Elderly Clients

    An elderly Alpharetta woman, contacted us because of a beeping Smoke detector in her home. When I got there, I noticed she was bed ridden and had a full time nurse to take care of her. I also noticed that she had one smoke detector for her smaller home. When replacing a smoke detector for an elderly client, we remember that code requires a smoke/carbon monoxide combo detector now in a home's main area. As we install it, we know that the unit has to be hardwired into the electrical system. We also know that the detector is not allowed to be turned on or off by a security company. Which Combo Detector Did We Install? Taking everything into consideration, we decided to replace the smoke detector she had with a brand new 10-year life battery Kiddie smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector.  Since she's bedridden, it means that she doesn’t have to worry about the smoke detector beeping and causing a nuisance for the next 10 years. Smoke detectors are a must-have for anyone but especially for older adults who want to safely age at home. They are truly one of the most important tools that can save lives in the event of an emergency. As people age, they are more likely to have medical conditions that make them especially vulnerable to smoke and fire hazards. Some of these medical conditions may include dementia, arthritis, or Parkinson’s disease. General vision and hearing issues can impact one’s safety as well. This is why it is important to have a working smoke detector(s) in the home. Why Use A Combo Smoke Detector? Because safety codes require it Combination detectors can save you on installation - one device takes less time to install Having fewer devices provides a more streamlined look to your home You only have to maintain or replace one unit

  • Convert Tesla Charger To Plug and Play For Easy Move To New Home

    This Alpharetta family bought a new home, and needed their Tesla charger moved from their current home to their new one. So they asked me for a quote to install it. Tesla chargers are unique as they have a dial that can chose the amount of amperage they pull. So, you really need someone with electrical experience. That person would be able to calculate the proper load to the setting you’re applying. For the install, I chose a Hubbell 14-50 Receptacle. I use them because they are the only 240v receptacle that can really hold up to car chargers long term. I needed to run a new wire from the electrical panel to the car charger. Then I re-wired the charger to a plug and play set up. This allows this family, if they need to move again, to be able to unplug the car charger from their current home, then take it with them to their new one, and plug it in. All they would need is would be a 240v plug in the garage. This will keep them from having to call an electrician again. Key Points to Keep in Mind When You Install a Tesla Charging Station Choose the right charging equipment, such as the Tesla Wall Connector or a Level 2 charging station, based on your preferences and needs. Consider professional installation, especially if you're unfamiliar with electrical work or want to prioritize compliance and safety. Understand your home's electrical capacity and potential need for panel upgrades to support the charging station. Optimize charging efficiency by minimizing circuit length and voltage drop. Explore smart charging features to enhance convenience and reduce energy costs. Where Does the Charger Go in Your Garage? Install the charger on the same side of the vehicle's charge port and as close as possible. Place the charger within 15 to 20 feet of the vehicle's charge port. Charging cords can be as long as 25 feet, with 18 to 20 feet being the norm. The charger and the 240v outlet should be within about 3 to 4 feet of each other. The charger should be at least 18 inches off of the garage floor, preferably between 42 and 48 inches high.

  • Has Your Whole Home Surge Protector Been Recalled?

    On an installation at an Alpharetta client's home for recessed lighting, I did my routine maintenance check on their entire electrical system and found a Sycom surge protector installed in their two electrical panels. Sycom surge protectors had a recall about 5 years ago because they were melting and catching home owner’s electrical panels on fire. Normally, I have recommended to people to call the company and have them send a new surge protector to replace the recalled one. However, with all those recalls, this company went out of business. This customer hired me to install new Square D Surge protectors in their two electrical panels. I like using the Square D surge protectors because of their reliability and 5-year warranty that includes $75,000 equipment protection. Why Do You Need a Whole Home Surge Protector? In 2020 the National Electrical Code Council found the need for whole home surge protectors to be a necessity, where before it was optional. With the addition of computer chips in almost everything in your home from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators, the need for whole home surge protection is a necessity. What is a power surge? A surge protector keeps power surges  that cause sudden and unwanted increases in voltage from damaging, degrading, or destroying your electronic equipment. Surges can happen when large appliances such as air conditioners turn on and off. Surges can also originate from electric utilities or lightning. Levels of Surge Protection: Good: Point-of-Use Surge Protection: Easy to use – just plug in Only protects electronics plugged into the device You'll need to replace them over time or after a major surge event Best: Whole Home Surge Protection Must be installed by a qualified electrician Provides protection for your entire electrical system at home including large appliances, outlets, and light switches Protects against larger surges and provide longer lasting surge protection than point-of-use devices No surge protection can handle a direct lightning strike. Disconnect sensitive electronics if you suspect a surge is coming. Need to add or change your whole home surge protection? Contact us

  • Cost-Effective Way to Add Electrical Outlets in a Shop

    When this Dunwoody client contacted us, she needed more electrical outlets in her shop where she could plug in her wood working equipment. She had a tight budget, and didn’t know if she could afford all of the outlets she wanted immediately. She asked if I could give her an estimate. I looked over the situation. Then, I suggested that instead of installing 6 or electrical outlets around the outside walls of her shop (which she was originally thinking she would need), we could more cost effectively install two pull down power cord reels. We could mount the two reels to the rafters of the open ceiling in her shop. With the two pull down power cord reels installed, she can operate her wood working equipment by plugging in two pieces of equipment she’s using at the same time. I also suggested an upgrade to her electrical panel. She needed the upgrade to handle her future electrical needs. As a result, we installed a dedicated sub panel to her wood working shop electrical panel.

  • Need to Upgrade Your Old Doorbell to a New Video System?

    This Alpharetta client contacted us because their six-month-old Ring Doorbell was not working. They had an old Nutone intercom system throughout their house. This is very common to find in late 80's early 90's homes in the Alpharetta area. None of them are ever working anymore however. Why Did the New Video System Stop Working? Through initial diagnostics, I found that the transformer was very old and may have been the main culprit that made the new Ring doorbell stop working. Some of the wiring was not quite up to the professional expectations I would have as a licensed electrician. Sometime back, the client had hired a handyman to rewire their old Nutone Intercom system to allow them to install a new Ring doorbell. We removed the old Nutone system completely because of the bad wiring and the faulty transformer. Then we rewired the doorbell system in a way that you would expect to see and have in any modern home. Once we finished, we also installed a new lightbulb that had gone out in the high stairwell. It had been out for months because they didn’t have the proper ladder to reach and replace it. So we did it for them. What to do with an old intercom system If you live in an older home with an outdated or broken intercom system you can remove or upgrade it. Intercom systems come in several types: Hardwired Plug In Battery Operated It's easier to remove a plug in or battery operated intercom. Contact a licensed electrician to help you remove one that has been hardwired into your home. You may also need some drywall repair when it has been removed. Need to remove or upgrade to your old intercom doorbell system? Contact us.

  • Need New Lighting for Your HOA's Entrance Sign? We'll Help You with the Power

    This Alpharetta neighborhood's Home Owners Association contacted us because they needed to add power to the front of their community for new lighting for their neighborhood sign. They also asked us to provide an outlet where they could plug in their sprinkler system. We installed a new meter main combo along with a new grounding system. These are required for adding electrical power at a new location on the property. We also handled all the permitting fees and communication between the city inspector and the power company to bring the new power on. The only thing HOA had to do was call the power company to set up a number for the address for the front of the neighborhood since it wasn't for a physical house location. Normally, we use Square D electrical panels for our installations. However after inspecting the area where it needed to be installed, we chose an Eaton electrical panel because of it's shorter profile that fit perfectly on the short brick wall. Why is New Lighting for Your Front of Neighborhood Sign Important? Having a beautifully designed, well-lit entrance to your HOA makes it a more attractive option to potential buyers. Also, when you have amazing HOA entrance lighting, your community feels warm and welcoming. Benefits of Having New Lighting for Your Neighborhood Entrance: Great way to continually market your property, even after the sun goes down Provides a welcoming environment for current residents and their guests Delivers serious wow factor to boost the property value of your community Need a New Electrical Panel? Contact us.

  • Electrical Power Loss Worry You? Add a Home Generator Backup.

    Knightly Electrical Services had the pleasure of working with a client in Windward, located in Johns Creek. This client contacted us needing help with a home generator installation. When you install a home generator backup, you can rest assured that your home will remain well lit, your appliances humming, and your security systems continuing to work regardless of the storms that come your way from time to time. As a licensed electrical contractor, I understand the importance of ensuring your home remains a fortress of comfort and security, even in the face of power outages. I offer several options for installing a home generator backup. How Do You Know Which Option For a Home Generator Backup to Choose? A Portable (or Partial) Home Generator Backup is one you would plug into a special outlet (installed by an electrician) when you needed it. A Permanent Home Generator Backup is tied into your home electrical system by an electrician. Here are some of the similarities and differences: Portable Home Generator All Lights in Your Home All TVs, Computers, Internet Refrigerators, Microwaves, other small appliances 1 Gas Furnace Electric Dryers, Ovens, and Water Heaters, if toggled separately by managing power through electrical panel Costs Less and covers much of what you would need during a power outage Permanent Home Generator All Lights in Your Home All TVs, Computers, Internet Refrigerators, Microwaves, other small appliances Multiple Gas Furnaces Electric Dryers, Ovens and Water Heaters Is more expensive, but covers all of what you would need during a power outage Consider These Reasons to Get a Home Generator Weather can affect whether or not you have power. Many losses of power are weather related. In more extreme weather, blackouts can last 24 hours or more. Is your house using water from a well on your property? Without electricity, your well pump and filtration systems won't be able to give you fresh, clean water for very long. Do you run a sump pump in your basement? Losing power means you also lose protection against water damage in those areas. Do you work from your home? If you run a business or work out of your home, you know every minute counts. Food spoils quickly. It happens in as little time as 4 hours. Is your area filled with mature trees? The Roswell, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs areas all have older trees and overhead power lines everywhere. When weather temperatures drop and water starts to freeze, these areas are very prone to power outages when tree limbs fall on the power lines. Need a quote for a home generator backup installation? Please contact us.

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