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Need New Lighting for Your HOA's Entrance Sign? We'll Help You with the Power

Updated: May 20

This Alpharetta neighborhood's Home Owners Association contacted us because they needed to add power to the front of their community for new lighting for their neighborhood sign. They also asked us to provide an outlet where they could plug in their sprinkler system.

We installed a new meter main combo along with a new grounding system. These are required for adding electrical power at a new location on the property.

Installing New Electrical Combo Meter | Knightly Electrical Services
Installing New Electrical Combo Meter

We also handled all the permitting fees and communication between the city inspector and the power company to bring the new power on. The only thing HOA had to do was call the power company to set up a number for the address for the front of the neighborhood since it wasn't for a physical house location.

Finished Installation of Electrical Meter - Meet Jason Our Newest Helper | Knightly Electrical Services
Finished Installation of Electrical Meter - Meet Jason Our Newest Helper

Normally, we use Square D electrical panels for our installations. However after inspecting the area where it needed to be installed, we chose an Eaton electrical panel because of it's shorter profile that fit perfectly on the short brick wall.

Why is New Lighting for Your Front of Neighborhood Sign Important?

Having a beautifully designed, well-lit entrance to your HOA makes it a more attractive option to potential buyers. Also, when you have amazing HOA entrance lighting, your community feels warm and welcoming.

Benefits of Having New Lighting for Your Neighborhood Entrance:

  • Great way to continually market your property, even after the sun goes down

  • Provides a welcoming environment for current residents and their guests

  • Delivers serious wow factor to boost the property value of your community

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