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Front Porch Lighting That Gives You the Best Coverage

Updated: 8 hours ago

While replacing all of the siding on the front of their house, this Marietta client began thinking about the best layout for new front porch lighting. The front door area originally had no lights at all. On first thought, the client thought about installing one single large Led light on the front porch.

After contacting us for a quote to install the front porch lighting, and after we looked over the area, we talked about how two smaller lights would better distribute the light over the porch instead of having a single "spot light" effect from one light. We installed two Halo 4-inch color changing LED Wafer Lights.

Front Porch Lighting All Lit Up | Knightly Electrical Services
Front Porch Lighting All Lit Up

Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal. Installing outdoor lighting improves the look around your home:

  • Aesthetic Beauty: Lighting makes your home look more inviting and warm, so that it's more attractive to potential buyers if you ever thinking about selling.

  • Security: In our post, Concerned About Your Front of Home Lighting and Security? we talked about how outdoor lighting makes your home safer.

  • Versatility And Creativity: Great lighting creates a specific mood in your home. It highlights features of your home, and can create interesting effects that are not visible during the daytime.

  • Increased Functionality: helps you see better in your backyard, around your home, and when walking to and from your car.

Installing 2 4-inch Wafer Lights | Knightly Electrical Services
Installing 2 4-inch Wafer Lights

What to Think About When Purchasing Outdoor Lighting

  • Are you getting best quality for your money?

  • Is it a dependable brand name?

  • Is it approved?

  • Does it have a warranty?

  • Are you looking for both style and durability?

Cutting Out Holes for Front Door Lighting | Knightly Electrical Services
Cutting Out Holes for Front Door Lighting

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