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Change Out a Flush Mounted Light Fixture to a New Ceiling Fan with Lights

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This Roswell client wanted better lighting, including a ceiling fan, than their builder grade flush mounted lights. After searching for help on google, they found our company and contacted us. This home is a brand-new home build and came with your standard builder grade flush-mount dome light fixtures.

Changing Flush Mounted Light to Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services
Changing Flush Mounted Light to Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services

Things to Check When Changing from A Flush Mounted Light Fixture to a Fan

The wall switch plate may need to be rewired. Ninety percent of modern fans, like a Fandelier, come with remotes, so the wall switch plate needs rewiring to better work with the remote.

The electrical box may need to be switched out for a heavier duty one. All new homes are required to have heavy duty electrical boxes in all bedrooms. Older homes, however, often do not. Hire someone who is able to understand the difference between the two types of electrical boxes. You don't want a fan falling out of the ceiling a year after the installation because it is hooked to the wrong type of electrical box.

Rewired Outlet for New Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services
Rewired Outlet for New Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services

What Kind of Ceiling Fan Can You Choose?

  • Standard - these most commonly feature four or five blades and can come with or without a light kit included in the center. They typically extend from a down rod – a metal pipe that connects the fan’s mounting brackets to the motor housing – which allows them to be mounted on both flat and sloped ceilings.

  • Low-Profile - these are commonly referred to as hugger fans or flush-mount ceiling fans and provide the air circulation you need but are built to accommodate lower ceiling heights (eight feet tall or less).

  • ENERGY STAR® Rated - Save money on your electric bill by choosing ENERGY STAR ceiling fans. To be given an Energy Star rating, the fan must use 20-30% less energy than what federal standards require. ENERGY STAR fans come in both standard and low-profile varieties. Many energy-efficient ceiling fans also incorporate LED light features.

  • Dual - Get twice the comfort in a bold, even industrial look with a dual-motor ceiling fan. These fans have a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods. Each rod supports an adjustable fan head, complete with a motor. Look for a dual-motor ceiling fan with light kits to make the space both bright and breezy.

  • Smart - These come packed with smart features you’ll love. Smart ceiling fans are available with and without light kits and allow for remote control from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Outdoor - Your patio, backyard deck, or lanai is a valuable living area in your home, and exposure to the elements brings its own set of challenges. Outdoor ceiling fans are crafted of strong and durable materials designed to hold up to moisture, making them perfect for use in a room that doesn’t get direct rain but may experience a lot of humidity and moisture, such as a sunroom, lanai, or outdoor living area.

  • Damp rated - These are suitable for areas that aren’t coming in contact with direct water but may be exposed to humidity and indirect moisture. They are perfect for a covered patio, screened porch, or covered outdoor kitchen.

  • Wet-rated - These are built for direct exposure to rain, snow, and even humid and salty ocean breezes. They can be installed in outdoor rooms with direct exposure to the elements.

Assembling Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services
Assembling Ceiling Fan | Knightly Electrical Services

Why Did This Client Choose Knightly Services?

This client was looking to upgrade their lighting, found me through Google and asked for a quote. Within 3 days, I was able to inspect the project, at their home, figure out what would be needed and give them a quote. Because of the lateness in the day, I scheduled the work for three days later.

From start to finish, it was less than a week. Changing out a builder grade flush mounted light for a ceiling fan, often means replacing the original electrical box with a heavier duty, ceiling fan rated box. Because I am a licensed electrician, I know how to assess what needs changing both for local code and safety reasons. Also, by default I rewire the wall switch plate that is hooked to the ceiling fan so that the remote can better work with the ceiling fan.

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