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Need A Kitchen Pantry Outlet for Extra Lighting? (VIDEO)

Updated: May 20

Check out Ryan Smith, local Atlanta/Alpharetta electrician with Knightly Electrical Services, installing a new kitchen pantry outlet in a pantry to prepare for over cabinet lighting.

Ever thought about adding extra lighting for your storage closet or pantry? This Milton/Roswell client contacted us because they're redoing a whole closet. Looks like they are going to have all sorts of cabinets and shelving going into the space. We're adding an outlet to the closet so that they can add new lighting. The outlet will be controlled by a new light switch we'll be putting in. The new lights would turn on and off with the new light switch. This gives the client better closet lighting alongside the one original light in the middle of the ceiling.

What are the Steps to Adding the Extra Outlet?

First, I take off the switch plate for the original lighting off. Then I check the breaker to make sure that the power is shut off. I go to the circuit board and find that breaker.

Next, I remove the original switch and electrical box from the wall outside the closet, so I can have access to the wires inside the wall.

Once I remove the switch and box from the wall, I make the original light switch hole a little bit larger, because I will replace it with a double switch – one to control the original light, the other to control the outlet the client will add the additional lighting to.

Next, I drill a hole into the wall to run my new wire over to where the new outlet will be installed in the closet. Since the client will be adding finished carpentry shelving in the closet, they are not worried about the amount of cutting in the drywall I will need to do to install the outlet since it will be covered by wooden shelves.

Once I have the drywall prepped, I add an outlet horizontally (so that it’s not visible once the cabinets are installed) above where cabinetry will be. Once the lighting is installed and plugged in, it will provide lighting coming out of the top into their cabinets.

Next, I switch out the new double switch for the single one outside of the closet to control both the new outlets and the original light fixture.

Then I put away all my tools and clean up. I vacuum and mop with to take care of any drywall dust.

This installation took about an hour and a half.

Lastly, I run through my end of installation checklist. I do this with every client to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do. this allows me to do is allows me to create a consistent and accurate way of making sure that every customer receives the exact same service.

When I leave their home, such as making sure no breakers are off, lights are on, and most importantly, just praying. I'm a Christian owned company, so I pray for each one, every one of my customers, and the jobs that I do at the end of each project to make sure that I'm blessing them and their family for years to come.

Thinking about adding extra lighting for your storage closet or pantry? Contact us.

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