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New Recessed Lighting Added in Alpharetta Basement

Updated: 9 hours ago

Our customer contacted us for a quote to install recessed lighting in the basement of their home. This dark room had no overhead lighting. Before we gave our quote, we discussed with the client how the room would be used. For this size and shape (square) of room, we specifically recommended installing four 6" LED wafer lights (with 5 color options) in each corner of the room along with a dimmer switch. Our suggested options would allow the client to choose options from warm to cool colored lighting - this works well to fine tune the lighting as it reflects off the color of the walls. The dimmer switch provides the added option of more or less light for work, projects, or social occasions.

The customer contacted us after receiving estimates from several other companies in the area (our service areas), and chose our company's lighting plan which saved roughly 20% over the other companies' bids. We were able to complete the job with minimum drywall repair.

Why Use Recessed Lighting in Your Basement?

Recessed Lighting Completed | Knightly Electrical Services
Recessed Lighting Completed | Knightly Electrical Services

If ever there were a perfect match of lighting fixture and space, it's this one. Recessed lights work so well in basements. Fitting flush with the ceiling, it lends a clean, streamlined look to a room. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork, or open up spaces so they look and feel bigger.

This is also great way to light your space without worrying about endless lamps or mounted lights. In larger rooms or open floor plans, unless you want to place lamps in the middle of your room, larger spaces might be left with darkened centers. The more lamps you need, the fewer outlets you’ll have left open for other uses. With fewer lamps crowding your rooms, another benefit you’ll enjoy when you add recessed light fixtures is the feeling of having more space.

Whether you plan to sell your home now or in the future, recessed lighting is a great way to add value to your home and attract potential buyers. Recessed, flush-mounted lighting can boost your home’s resale value.

How is good lighting important to our health?

Appropriate lighting can reduce eye fatigue and headaches, which makes completing tasks easier. In particular, good lighting ergonomics can prevent computer vision syndrome (CVS), which is a type of eye strain that occurs when you use a computer for a long period of time. CVS symptoms include: Blurred and double vision.

Other benefits of good lighting

Ambient lighting helps evenly light a space. Good lighting can:

  • Set the mood. It can brighten up a whole room.

  • When paired with color, it can open up a space. A light-colored space will feel much larger. When a light illuminates a wall, the room is going to look much bigger and more open.

  • Add a sense of comfort

  • Help guests have a more enjoyable experience

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